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Tripple Consistency by XerumFree

Posted: 31-01-2014

Using cell culture in manufacturing of biologicals like vaccines and bio similars you want to be sure you can rely on your suppliers of raw materials. You expect consistency in the quality from batch to batch. But not only that. You expect also consistency in supply. In the last years it has become very clear that the supply of fetal bovine serum for cell culture is not guaranteed. Due to a global increase of manufacturing of vaccines and bio similars the demand for cell culture reagents has increased and will keep increasing. This is also the case for fetal bovine serum, where the production of it doesn't grow parallel with the demand, causing price increases and even the risk of a gap in supply -see also attached PDF >Serum_Peak-

Price volatility caused by FBS (non)availabilty makes it difficult to calculate the cost for your intermediates and finished products.
A gap in supply of a critical raw material would bring the risk of a gap in production of your intermediates and finished products.

XerumFree brings consistency, not only in quality due to it's defined composition and production under GMP, but also consistency in supply and cost since the manufacturing of XerumFree does not depend on the availabilty of natural sourced raw materials. 


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