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Optimized Protocol for Regeneration Conjunctival Epithelium

Posted: 07-08-2018

Regeneration of conjunctival epithelium using the cell suspension technique
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Defined keratinocyte medium available

Posted: 21-06-2018

Defined medium for the growth of human primary keratinocytes. Like all TNCbio products, this product is completely free from animal and human derived compounds
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XerumFree culture of human limbal stem cells

Posted: 08-06-2017

Towards ACF and defined culture of human limbal stem cells for ocular surface reconstruction.
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Keratinocyte Life Span Test

Posted: 13-09-2016

Primary keratinocytes from a human biopsy for autologous implantation expanded in a XerumFree enriched medium
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T-Cells XerumFree

Posted: 14-07-2016

T-Cell expansion in XerumFree enriched media
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Posted: 23-06-2016

Please send your inquiries for CHOiX to
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CHOiX , CHO Cells

Posted: 27-05-2016

TNCbio offers adapted CHO cells for defined CHO culture
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Keratinocytes with XerumFree

Posted: 18-09-2015

Keratinocyte performance in serumfree and animal/human component free conditions in an XerumFree enriched basal medium.
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CHOiX the defined CHO platform

Posted: 16-09-2015

Soon available CHOiX, serum free CHO culture. Medium and CHO-K1 cells from TNCbio
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Tripple Consistency by XerumFree

Posted: 31-01-2014

XerumFree brings consistency in your cell culture
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